We all have to trailblaze sometime, right?

Little bitta backstory:
I started grad school in 2005.  I was supposed to, at least.  I graduated from my undergraduate university in May of 2005, and was set and ready to go in August of 2005 and start grad school.  Disaster (and an SUV) struck me on August 27th, a mere 48 hours before the semester was supposed to start, derailing my graduate career and my life for five months.  When I did get back to school, I was an absolute mess of anxiety, pain, accident-related PTSD, etc., and though I tried to struggle through it, it took two and a half years of slipping grades and horrible anxiety attacks before I realized that maybe going into debt $10,000 a year isn’t a worth it if I’m on the verge of being kicked out of the program.  So I dropped out of school in order to get medicated, get therapy, and get my life back in order.

With me so far?

The downside is, when I finally got my shit together and went back to school in January of 2012, my cumulative GPA was a lousy 2.64.  The standard set by my university is a minimum of 3.0.  Clearly, I had a lot of work to do.

In the last three semesters (Spring ’12, Summer ’12, and Winter ’12), I’ve earned GPAs of 3.85, 3.75, and 4.0, and my cumulative GPA has jumped from 2.64 to 2.97 in a year, which I thought was a pretty awesome jump.  With two semesters to go, I was sure that I would be over the 3.0 by the time I register to write my thesis in Fall ’13, and definitely by graduation.

Unfortunately, yesterday, I received a letter from the Dean of Graduate Studies, informing me that since their standard is a minimum of 3.0, and my GPA is 2.97, I am on academic probation for the Spring ’13 semester.


I bet I’m the only person in the world who ever got put on academic probation a mere three weeks after earning a 4.0.\

It’s one of those “so ludicrous, you can’t help but laugh” situations.  I’m not nervous at all, because unless something else horrific happens to me and I completely lose my mind, I’m not going to miss that 3.0 again this semester, and I’ll be off Ac Prob by Fall ’13.

When I got the letter, David suggested that I print out my grades from last semester (with the 4.0) and frame them and the Ac Prob letter side-by-side.

I might do it.  It’s just too funny.