Hurricane Sandy: If you can read this, be grateful

I’m almost afraid to say it, but I think the worst is over in Connecticut.

I am absolutely stunned and infuriated by the number of people I see online complaining that Hurricane Sandy was overhyped and that they didn’t get any damage or lose power after preparing.  People are actually calling this a “non-event.”

I bet the millions of people without power across the Eastern Seaboard don’t consider it a non-event.

I bet the thousands who are now homeless, or evacuated because their homes are currently underwater along coastal NY, NJ, CT, and MA don’t consider it a non-event.

I bet the families of the poor souls who were killed because of the storm don’t consider it a non-event.

Listen: if you, your family, your house, your car, your pets, your property, belongings and electricity were spared, do society a favor.  Keep your mouth shut, thank whatever deity you believe in that you and yours are healthy and warm and safe, and maybe stick your neck out and do something for those who were less fortunate than yourself.