Setting the Bar

I have a list of goals that I want to accomplish in the next year, couple of years, etc.  This list will change, grow, shorten, etc. according to necessity.  I will alter it as I see fit.  I will also (hopefully) cross items off if I achieve them.

Graduate with my M.A. in History
Current predicted graduation date: May ’14.
– Maintain a straight “A” average in all classes.
– Hit a 3.0 GPA from the massive hit my GPA took a few years ago when I was messed-up after the car accident. (current GPA as of May ’13: 3.06)
– Figure out my Master’s Thesis topic.
– Write Master’s Thesis.

Lose 25 lbs., hit my goal weight, and maintain it.
– Cut out the following foods: refined sugars, prepackaged meals, chocolate (except dark), trans fats.
– Create and maintain an exercise regimen.
– Bike 25 miles at a stretch (and not die afterwards)
– Complete C25K
– Run a 5K
– Climb Mt. Washington (NH) for a third time. (September 7, 2013)

Take care of my aesthetic appearance.
– Learn to use makeup correctly and actually LOOK like I’m wearing makeup.
– Develop some sense of style and fashion without breaking the bank.
– Organize my home and living situation and keep it neat and maintained.
– Lose 10 lbs
– Lose 20 lbs
– Lose 30 lbs

Create a strong financial safety net.
– Keep at least $5,000 in my savings account at all times. Hit $5,000 in December of 2012 and still counting.
– Put more money into my IRA.
– Get a credit card.

Travel and cultivation.
– Visit Paris sometime between age 29 and 31.
– Learn conversational French and Russian.
– Actually keep a blog for more than a year.

Extended career goals.
– Take the GREs
– Finish a book. (Rough draft of I finished October 25th, rough draft of II finished November 19th)
– Finish a book series


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