Makeup survey

Yeah, I’m bored.

What is your favorite mascara?
Buxom Lash Mascara — non-waterproof.
What is you favorite eye primer/base?
Urban Decay Primer Potion
What are your 5 favorite eyeshadows?
Stila “Kitten” is what I wear every day.  I have the Too Faced Romantic Eyes Palette and Stila In the Light.
What color eyeshadow looks best on you?
Neutral shimmer.
What color eyeshadow looks bad on you? 
I’m not sure?  I don’t really do smoky eyes.
Do you define your brows?
Hell no.  I’m Sicilian.  They don’t need definition.
What are your favorite liquid, gel, & pencil eyeliners?
I don’t wear liquid or gel.  My favorite liner is by Cover Girl.
Do you curl your lashes before applying mascara?
I always forget to curl my lashes.
What drugstore eyeshadows do you find the best?
Don’t know, don’t use them.
Do you wear false lashes?

What is the lip color you wear the most?
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Rose Gold.
What lip color do you wear on special occasions?
See above.
What is your favorite lip balm?
Blistex.  I’m allergic to beeswax so I can’t use Chapstick or Burts Bees or anything like that.
What is your favorite lipstick?
L’Oreal Color Riche in Nourishing Nude.
What is your favorite lipgloss?
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Lip Gloss in Rose Gold.
Do you prefer lipgloss to have a flavor or no?
No preference really.
Do you like matte finish or shimmer finish more?
Do you wear lip liner?
Ain’t nobody got time for that.
What lip colors look best on you?
Nude, pink.

Do you wear blush/bronzer?
Yes to blush, no to bronzer.  It always makes me look muddy.
Do you wear face primer?
Only on special occasions.
Do you wear highlighter?
What is your favorite liquid foundation?
Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer in Fair.
What is your favorite concealer?
Right now I’m using NYX in Porcelain.
Do you wear powder to set your liquid foundation or concealer?
Yes, I use the Sephora Translucent Powder.
Are you warm-toned or cool toned?
Do you wash your face daily?
Twice daily.
Do you exfoliate when needed?
What is your favorite moisturizer?
Lancome Energie de Vie, only I’ve recently run out and I’m trying to be good and not drop the money on the full size.
Do you prefer shimmer finish or matte finish?

Ones that aren’t categorized:

What is your favorite part on your makeup routine?
All of it.  I love putting on makeup.
What do you bring in your makeup travel bag?
Eyelid primer, concealer, foundation/bb cream, one eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, finishing powder, blush, highlighter.  And brushes.
Who is your biggest inspiration makeup wise?
Lisa Eldridge.
What are your favorite makeup brushes?
I have a really nice one from Sephora that I like.
What is your your favorite makeup brand overall?
Stila or Bobbi Brown.
What is your one product you can not live without?
What is your favorite makeup look?
Natural face, little bit of shimmer eyeshadow, black mascara and eyeliner, and neutral lips.
When did you start using makeup?
I started using eyeliner in college.  I started doing full face makeup when I was 29.
Your everyday makeup routine?
Wash, spot treatment, eye primer, concealer, eyeshadow, foundation, setting powder, eyeliner, blush, highlighter, mascara, and lip gloss.
What is your favorite makeup remover?
I use the Maybelline eye makeup remover.
How often do you wear makeup?
Every day.  The exception is when I’m staying at home to do research and I’m not going anywhere.


I want the world to know I burn for you

OK.  So here we are, almost a month in to 2014, and I feel quite behind.  Not behind where it counts, on my thesis (157 pages and counting) or on my books (finished the rough draft of Book 3, Book 1 is almost finished and ready to go to beta readers, and Book 2 is in its first round of edits), but on self-care, and setting my goals for this year.  Last year, I made a list of 10 goals, and I achieved six of them.  Not too shabby!  In the last month or so I’ve realized that I’m definitely a person who needs something to strive for, something to drive my nature.  2013 was SUCH an amazing year.  As soon as I got over the hump of my divorce and setting massive goals for myself, I went on to hit most of them — and feel really good about myself in the process.  So without further ado:

Goals for 2014:

1. Graduate.  Well, this is a no-brainer.  Right now I’m slated to graduate on May 15, 2014.  I’d say “fingers crossed”, but I don’t believe luck has anything to do with it.

2. Complete my Master’s thesis.  Obviously this goes along with 1.

3. Get a second job.  Ah, this is the toughie.  My hopeful plan is to start shopping my resume even before graduation, in the hopes of getting a summer job.  I’d love to be teaching this summer, and hopefully I’ll score a teaching position by fall.  But even if I don’t, I’ll need to find a second job to pay for my student loans.  Even if I have to work retail, I’ll have to grab something.  I’m fortunate enough to have a really great, secure day job right now that pays enough for me to live on (but probably not enough when the student loans start rolling in, come June).

4. Finish C25K.  I was doing SO WELL with this last year!  I made it all the way to Week 7 before arthritis sidelined me, and between school and the book, I gave up on it.  I restarted C25K this week, this time with a 1.0 incline, so I didn’t feel like I was completely back at square one.  So far, so good.  I’m doing Week 1, Day 3 today.  We’ll see how this goes.

5. Climb Bear Mountain.  I climbed Mt. Washington in September of 2013, and it was an amazing, amazing experience.  And one that I will never repeat.  In hindsight, with my physical issues, it was dangerous and foolhardy and I was in no way prepared for it.  But that doesn’t mean I want to stop climbing in general.  Drea suggested Bear Mountain in CT for this summer, and I think I’ll go for that with her.  Could be fun!  And at 1/3 the height of Washington, it isn’t nearly as dangerous.

6. Work out an adult budget.  *sigh*  I am so bad at this.  I’m great at paying my bills, I’m great at putting money away, I’m not so great at avoiding skidding into payday with minimal money in my checking account.  This needs to stop.  ESPECIALLY with the possibility that I very well may be living on my own come May, with student loans rolling in.

7. Stop having kittens over it and send the book out to more beta readers. Drea read Book 1 and she loved it.  She keeps asking for more.  I need to get over my ridiculous fear and send it to other people.

8. Get over my fears and ship the book to a publisher.  Damn right.

9. Work on my fire spinning, get more prolific with staff and flow wand.

10. Lose at least 10 lbs.  I’m on MyFitnessPal and I’m back to three times a week at the gym.  Hopefully this sticks this year.

I think that’s quite enough to be going on now.  Obviously I’m allowed to add goals as I go.


A Beautiful Encounter (and a Sephora Haul)

I had a very convoluted, difficult mental day yesterday, and decided to escape to the mall for some retail therapy after work.  Plus I had $75 in Sephora gift cards that I wanted to use, haha.  I figured I’d go to Sephora first, and then mosey my way around the rest of the mall.

I didn’t make it past Sephora.  Well, I did, but only back through Macy’s before leaving.  Because I ended up spending an hour and a half in Sephora.  And I made a new friend.

It took me about twenty minutes of wandering through Sephora, lost, before a girl approached me.  She had dark hair in a braid, and she had the most intense liquid eyeliner on her eyes, and black lipstick.  She said her name was Marissa, and did I want any help?

I confessed that I was just getting into makeup, and that I wasn’t sure what I was looking for.  She took me by the hand, gave me a crash course in each line (from Stila to Yves Saint Laurent to Smashbox to NARS) and explained what each line had, what “looks” they best promoted, and asked if I wanted a tutorial.  I did.  (I’ve always wanted one, but I’ve never had the money to actually do one.  Sephora doesn’t require you to actually spend money if they give you a makeup tutorial, but spending less than $50 on product after someone has given you a makeover is frowned upon in the establishment, or so I’ve heard from friends).

We spent an hour working on my face, and in that hour I got so much more than a makeup tutorial.  Marissa was only 19 (ten years younger than me, gah!) but she chatted with me like an old friend.  She was very sweet, we talked about each other’s lives, and when she was applying highlighter to my cheekbones, she noticed my facial lacerations from the car accident I was in back in 2005.

“These are awesome,” she said, “I love scars.  If I had yours I’d feel so beautiful.”

What a way to look at it.  I’ve always hated my scars, always hated people touching my face, always so self-conscious.  She didn’t make me feel self-conscious, she made me feel beautiful.

I left at the end of our session with $120 worth of makeup that I got for $45 (those gift cards really came in handy), a new friend (we emailed each other last night) and a sense of wonderful serenity.  It was the best thing that could have happened to me yesterday.

A lot of times people say to each other, “You’re beautiful, you don’t need makeup,” and this is a great thing to say to someone.  But I started wearing makeup back in September because I wanted to feel better, and when people told me that I looked beautiful, I felt beautiful, and I began to feel better.  Makeup doesn’t make a person beautiful.  But sometimes it can help you look your absolute best, even when you feel down.  And sometimes it brings two people together who ordinarily would never have met.


My haul:

Sephora Classic Angled Brush #40

Buxom Lash Waterproof Mascara

Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in “Baked Stardust”

Too Faced Romantic Eye Classic Beauty Shadow Collection

I also have a list of other products she used on my face to buy at a later date (a BB cream, liquid eyeliner, and YSL lipstick that was so gorgeous but so expensive).  And I left with a bunch of tips that make me feel more confident (i.e., my skin is a cool, rather than a warm, shade; I should wear nudes and berries for lipstick, not pinks or reds; highlighter is better for me than blusher; etc.)

It was a great day.  If you’re ever in Farmington, Connecticut, and go to the Sephora in the Westfarms Mall, ask for Marissa.  She is the best.

Living (Not So) Single

In celebration of my last class session of the Fall ’12 semester (although I still have two papers and one “class” — potluck dinner — at my teacher’s house), I decided to make a real meal for dinner last night.  It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that I had sort of given up on cooking real food for myself when D and I separated.  It’s difficult to cook a meal for yourself when you live alone.  Most recipes are geared towards lots of people and multiple servings.  I also come home late most nights of the week (between 7:30 and 8:00 PM) so it’s difficult to get up the desire to actually cook a “real” meal.

But last night, class got out at 6:20 PM, and I was home by 7:00 PM, with a bag of chicken breasts (really big, plump, I-can-get-four-pieces-out-of-each-of-these chicken breasts) and I decided to go to work.

I breaded each of the breasts with an egg wash and a mix of breadcrumbs and parmasan cheese, and baked it in the oven at $250 for about 20 minutes (10 on each side).  It came out a little dry, so I won’t be doing that again.  I also sauteed some carrots in butter and garlic (OMG DELICIOUS) and for my starch?  Well.  Frozen pierogis boiled in water.  I haven’t been keeping potatoes in the house because they’ll go bad too quickly.  Plus I’ve been cutting down on my starches.  Or at least trying to.

First adult meal in the new place?  Success.


This weekend is going to be weird…D and I are finally splitting our finances on Saturday.  We have a joint bank account, so of course it seems logical to split that and split the money.  We met on Tuesday afternoon to write it out on paper, and came to a very quick and amicable decision as to who gets what.  It’s definitely a surreal experience.  I think back to how much time and attention planning the wedding took, and this is…just so fast and heartless, I guess.  I keep getting twinges of sadness, but at the same time, it will be a relief to have my bank account in my sole possession again, after Saturday.  Plus I can really bunk down and finish my Christmas shopping!

And Christmas knitting.  Which is what Knit Night is for!

Next steps

Ever since I turned 29 and made the concrete decision to turn my life around, I’ve been trying my damndest to check off each step as I slowly attain them.

1. Maintain A’s in graduate school — check (so far)
2. Separate (however willingly — it WAS the right decision) — check
3. Achieve (and maintain) a positive outlook — check (so far)
4. Learn how to apply “grown-up” makeup — check

Now I think it’s time to face the music for 5. Lose the weight that formed as a result of two years of eating my feelings.

Like many women in my family, I am an emotional eater.  I have tried to control it.  Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.  I made a conscious effort to only buy healthy food when I was grocery shopping the Friday before I moved in…only to buy a box of Ring Dings on Sunday night.  In my defense, I have only eaten two packages since then, and no more than one in a day.

I am right now about 30 – 35 lbs. overweight.  It’s not terrible, and because I am 5’9″ the additional pounds don’t hang on me the way that they would on a shorter person.  But I’m not happy with the way I look.  My breasts, belly, and thighs are way too big.  I am a size 14, and I don’t want to be anymore.  I look at my frame — my rounded shoulders, my wide hips — and I know that, even if I starve myself, I will never be a size 2 or considered “willowy” or “waif-like”.  But I would like to lose that extra 30 lbs. and fit into a size 12 again.  I don’t have a timeline for this; I’m not going to set myself goals that are unreasonable and right now I’m not going to give myself a hard time.  I just want to lose the weight.  And stop eating my emotions.  End of story.

So I joined Fitocracy today (all the cool kids — my friends — were doing it) and the plan is to start tomorrow after I get out of work.  It sucks living further away from the gym than I did when David and I weren’t separated, but oh well.  I mean…it is what it is.  The gym is still only about a five-minute drive from my office.  And I need to come up with a fixed schedule.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are, until the end of the semester, right out, because I bounce from work to class immediately during the day and I’m not free until it’s quite late.  But I can do Mondays and Thursdays, and possibly Saturdays.  If I can do even two days a week I’ll be happy.  David’s going to set up my Wii at my apartment as well, and I can at least do that during the day.  It’s certainly not going to make the pounds just melt off or anything, but at least it’s there, and it can’t hurt.

I feel like this is a journey I have started again and again and again.  I just really need to stick with it this time.  I need to lose the weight.  For me.  Not for anyone else.

Makeup: Why I wear it and some pros and cons

I started this blog right around the time that two changes happened in my life: my husband and I decided to separate and I started really wearing makeup.  The two things are related, though probably not as one would think.

When I was 19 years old, my boyfriend cheated on me and dumped me.  I don’t know why I did this, but I sort of…punked myself out.  Yes.  It’s embarrassing, and no, there aren’t any surviving pictures.  I wore a lot of studded jewelry, lots of black, pierced my navel and my upper ear, etc.  For some reason, I though that if I looked tough outside, that would translate to how I felt inside.

And I think the sudden foray into wearing makeup is the same way.  Do I think I look okay without makeup?  Sure.  But I feel pretty when I wear it, and I don’t wear it for my husband (who hasn’t noticed) or for other people.  I wear it for me.  I wear it so that Ifeel pretty.  I look good, and I feel good.  And that’s worth quite a lot.


So I’ve been wearing makeup for a little over six weeks now, and I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve found some things I LOVE and don’t know how I ever used any other products — and some things that are just ‘meh’.  So that’s what I’m going to put on the docket today.

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder

I bought this as my first set of loose powder (I will admit that my major incentive came from not having to buy a separate brush).  I love the way that the powder makes my cheeks feel like velvet and clears up any shininess.  I don’t like the way that the powder flies every freakin’ wear in the box.  The rounded lid doesn’t help much, it just makes even more of a mess.  I think I will probably go for a flatter box with a flatter top next time.  Other than the packaging, I like the product.  Rating: 7/10

Maybelline Express One-By-One Waterproof Mascara

I wanted to love this product.  But it doesn’t separate the lashes like it advertises (also, that model?  Definitely has faux eyelashes on).  I didn’t see a marked difference from any other Maybelline mascara.  There’s also a very good chance that I’m bitter because I have terrible lashes (they’re very short and sparse).  I will use it until it’s gone, but I probably won’t be buying this product again.  The hunt for the perfect mascara continues.  I hear a lot of good things about Buxom, so that might be my next stop.  Rating: 4/10

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick

I am usually really wary of any really cheap products (buying into my dad’s old saying that cheap is usually not worth it.  This lipstick was about $5 at CVS, but I thought, why not.  I bought it in 08 (fetching name), and it’s more of a pinkish-mauve color.  I LOVE THIS.  It goes on smoothly, and gives my lips a nice matte finish.  It also tastes a tiny bit like cocoa (maybe that’s just me though).  My only complaint is that it does rub off very easily — which may only be a caveat for me, because I have insanely chapped lips, rub them together a lot, and also apply lip balm like it’s going out of style.  But I will definitely be picking up more shades of Kate’s lipstick.  Rating: 8/10

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers

After a bad experience with E.L.F. tinted moisturizer, I decided to give Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers a shot.  The color of the foundation was very close to my own skin (I am paler than I think I am), so I picked “Ivory to Fair”, the palest color, and it looks about right.  I use an E.L.F. foundation brush to apply it, and that gives it a nice even tone (I can’t believe I ever used my fingers to apply foundation, never again).  It doesn’t make me break out, it doesn’t feel heavy, oily, or itchy, and it wears very well (doesn’t come off until I remove it at night).  It goes on slightly shiny, but a layer of pressed powder brings my skin down to a more matte tone.  Love it, and I have no plans to change to another foundation.  It’s cheaper online that it is at CVS, unfortunately, but I’m going to shop around and see if I can’t find any place cheaper.  Maybe Target.  Rating: 9/10

bareMinerals Eyecolor

WOW, WOW, WOW.  This is my favorite.  I was terrible with eyeshadow until I discovered a) brushes and b) loose eyeshadow powder.  I love this.  Love it.  And I’m pretty sure it’s idiot-proof.   No plans to ever change back to pressed powder eyeshadow again any time soon.  Seriously, biggest crush ever on this product.  My only sadness is that I can’t afford to get it in any other shades right now.  I currently own Waterlily (a pale violet shade, see left) and Queen Tiffany (“tawny platinum” according to the website, but I think it’s more like a copper).  I plan to get as many colors as possible, but at $14 a pop, they’re not cheap.  My plan of action right now is to buy up the last chance selection on their own website.  Rating: 10/10

Korres Lip Butter

Other product that I have a serious crush on?  This one.  Holy crap.  I considered paying $25 to get the collection of three, but wasn’t sure if my super-sensitive lips would like them, and $25 seemed like an awful lot to spend on three products I wasn’t sure of.  So I bought one pot, in Quince (a pinkish rose, see right), and holy crap.  It’s like a lip balm and lipstick all in one.  Just a tiny bit gives my lips excellent color.  I also don’t need to use lip balm when I wear it, it’s incredibly moisturizing.  Going to get more shades of this as well.  I will be springing for the collection, which I planned in advance for (Quince isn’t a shade that’s part of the collection).  Rating: 10/10

Well, that’s pretty much a wrap.  Hope this was fun and in some way informative.  Weekend agenda includes papers, papers, and more papers, and the return of Patriots football!  Very excited about that.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner?  I feel like the holidays snuck up on us too damn fast this year…

This or That (Makeup)

I was tagged by NannaSofiaMakeup, so what the hell.  Nothing else is happening today in the wake of Hurricane Sandy (more on that in another entry).

1. Blush or Bronzer?
Not a fan of bronzer at all.  I’ve used it a couple times (though not in years).  My skin is far too pale.  I even need to use a light blush, otherwise I look like a clown.

2. Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Gloss.  I have a lip balm addiction so lipstick usually makes my lips feel even more chapped and dry.  Gloss I can sort of mix with vaseline or lip balm and it makes my lips still feel moistened.

3. Chapstick or Lip butter?
I am allergic to “real” Chapstick and any sort of lip balm that contains beeswax.  So I’d have to go with lip butter.

4. Matte or Sparkle Eyeshadow?
Most of my shadows have sparkle, so I’ll say that.

5. Gel, Liquid, Cream or Pencil Liner?
Pencil because I am pretty much incompetent at the others.  But I love the way that liquid liner looks!

6. Foundation or Concealer?
Fortunately, except for the scars on my right cheekbone from a car accident (and subsequent plastic surgery) in 2005, I have really good (if dry) skin.  So I mainly stick to concealer and skip the foundation.

7. Liquid or Powder Foundation?
I use a liquid concealer and powder cover.

8. Neutral or Statement eye?
Neutral.  I am not competent enough yet to do any sort of “statement” look.

9. Pressed or Loose shadows?
Loose!  My favorite is Bare Minerals.  I love how they go on and STAY on.  I will never go back to pressed shadow again.

10. Waterproof or Non Waterproof?
My mascara and eyeliner are waterproof.

10. Brushes, Sponges or Fingers?
Brushes!  I don’t know how I even applied makeup without them.

11. Powder, Cream or Liquid Highlighters?

Like NannaSofia, I tag everyone who stumbled across this.

My massive crush on Sephora and what I bought there

Confession: Although I’m just starting out on my odyssey of learning how to use makeup, I am completely head-over-heels obsessed with Sephora.  Having a little extra money this past week (and the desire to purchase some better products that I actually enjoy using, I headed over there.

This is what I walked out with:

(Clockwise from top left: Bare Minerals Eyecolor in Waterlily and Queen Tiffany, Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in Classic Black, Sephora Classic All Over Shadow Brush Small, and Clinique Almost Lipstick/Long Last Glosswear in Black Honey.)

Bare Minerals Eyecolor — These tiny pots of loose powder eyeshadow are deceptively tiny, but seriously effective!  I tried Waterlily (a pale dusky violet shade) first, and then picked up Queen Tiffany (a tawny copper color).  These brush on very easily over primer, and stay on all day (until I take them off with eye makeup removal).  Each is $14.

Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner — I bought this on the suggestion of a friend.  The eyeliner is like an eye pencil, but goes on smoothly without running into the corners of my eyes.  It has a tiny smudge sponge on the end, which I haven’t used yet.  It’s $12, and comes in a variety of colors.  I already would like to purchase it in peacock and maybe violet!

Sephora Classic All Over Shadow Brush (Small) — The bristles on this brush are intensely soft!  I picked it up and I just couldn’t put it down again.  Seriously, I will never use one of those spongy little applicators that come free with eyeshadow ever again.  Each is $13.

Clinique Lip Duo — Half of the applicator is Clinique’s Almost Lipstick — which is a sheer lipstick designed to work with your natural lip color and enhance it.  Black Honey appears very dark black-red, but it goes on almost completely sheer.  The other side is Long Last Glosswear, an intensely thick, shiny lip gloss in the same shade.  Both give my lips a reddish tint.  The stick was $21, but I had a 20% off coupon.

No pictures of me wearing any of the above, I spent most of the last two days getting ready for the hurricane that’s planning on slamming New England this week.  Maybe in the future!

Adventures in Femininity, Part II (in which I find stuff that works)

I don’t know why I always forget how much I love Neutrogena products.  Really.  There was a winter (’09 – ’10) in which my skin absolutely took a nosedive.  It was dry as a bone.  To the point where my forehead and cheeks literally HURT.  To the point where I would slather my face in moisturizer, and 10 minutes later it would all be sucked completely in, and my skin would feel just as stretched and taut as if I hadn’t put anything on it in the first place.

So after my debacle with the E.L.F. tinted moisturizer, I went to CVS and headed for the Neutrogena shelf.  And despite my wariness about spending the money, I picked up the Healthy Skin Glow Sheer (Ivory-Fair shade) and gave it a whirl. This is the result:

ImageGoes on very light, I can barely feel it, and my face doesn’t itch or feel cakey.  Plus it is almost my exact skin tone match.  Winner!  At almost $14, it wasn’t cheap, but the amount I need for daily use is about the side of a fingernail, so it will last quite a while.

I also picked up a concealer stick and liquid eyeliner (NYC).  The concealer is working for me, the liquid eyeliner…ehhhhhhh.  There’s a learning curve, that’s all I can say.  I really lack the time to practice right now, but I’ll get there.  Practice makes perfect, right?

I have a Halloween/birthday party to go to tomorrow night, and I really REALLY want to imitate this eye makeup:


You know where this is going, don’t you?  Stay tuned this weekend for a “nailed it” comparison shot.  At least I can laugh at myself.

Adventures in Femininity, Part I

I have never been good at makeup.  Ever.  My earliest recollection of attempting makeup was sometime around the age of 4, when my mom bought me one of those “kids’ makeup” kits that are mainly wax-based pieces of crap designed to let little girls “experiment” with makeup and to give moms an excuse to break out the camera and take embarrassing pictures of their lovely angels with circles of bright pink “blush” and greasy powder-blue “eyeshadow” smeared all the way up to their eyebrows.  (No such pictures exist of me, btw.  Thankfully).

Unfortunately, my skills never improved from there.  I have never been comfortable wearing makeup, and though I owned some products here and there, I never actually actually learned how to use most of it.  I didn’t learn how to pluck my eyebrows (just had them waxed, and not nearly as often as I should have).  I don’t use lipstick.  My eyeliner is always smudged.  And my eyeshadow never lasts.  My beauty “regimen” until a few days ago consisted of moisturizer and a swipe of eyeliner.  That was it.  Even when I tried to actually “do” makeup (and left the house thinking Wow, I really overdid it, this is a bit much, I’d see pictures later and I looked like I wasn’t wearing anything.  Doing it wrong, party of me.

So the other day, after taking the advice of some friends, I went out and bought some reasonably priced makeup from Target.  I didn’t want to haul off and go to Sephora because I didn’t know how to use it, and I didn’t want to blast my way through my budget on items I may or may not ever like or want to use.  My first day experimenting with makeup was yesterday morning.  This is the result of wearing: tinted moisturizer, face powder, blush, eyeliner, eyelid primer, eyeshadow, and mascara:


Yeah.  It still looks like I have barely anything on. Except the blush.  The blush (IMO) looks good.

Anyway.  This is what I took away from this first experience.

1. Practice really does make perfect.  And it is going to take me A LOT OF PRACTICE to get to the point where I can do this right.

2. E.L.F. Tinted Moisturizer in Nude is too dark.  Also, I don’t like it, and I’m glad I only spent $3.  Someone recommended beauty balm instead of just tinted moisturizer and I might go there.  I made the asinine decision to try “mixing” the E.L.F. with Dove day cream (to try and lighten the shade), and omg, after about three hours of my face feeling heavy and itchy I went to the bathroom and washed it all off.  Won’t do that again.

3. The following products are certainly not bullshit and really do work: Eyelash/Brow Clear Mascara, Eyelid Primer, Blush (all E.L.F.).  All of them lasted FOREVER and nothing rubbed off until I washed my face at nearly 10:30 PM.

4. I need to try liquid eyeliner.  My eyeliner stick sucks and smudges like crazy.

Well.  This is only Day 1 (and 2).  I can only improve from here.  We’ll see if I can get any more proficient than I was when I was a kid.

At least it’s not waxy blue eyeshadow, right?  We’re thankfully beyond that.