About Megan

My name is Megan.

I am 30 years old.

At 21, I graduated from college with my B.A., and two days before I was supposed to start grad school, my mom’s car danced with an SUV and I definitely came out the loser.  From age 22 – 25, I wrestled with physical incapacity, anxiety disorder, and car-accident related PTSD, before starting medication at age 25 and seeing a therapist at age 26.

There were definitely some good times.  I met someone — his name is David — when I was 24.  When I was 25 we got engaged, and on November 5, 2010, we got married.  It was — and still remains, so far — the happiest day of my life.

My 28th year was a frickin’ roller-coaster ride of epic proportions.  My husband and I made the (painful, and long in coming) decision to separate, and then divorce, after nearly a year of marital counseling and two years of marriage.  I went back to graduate school after a three-year hiatus, and I’m attempting to complete my Master’s in History.  As I came up on my 29th birthday, I came to the realization that a lot of things in my life needed to change.  I spent most of my 28th year being miserable and waiting for change to come; I turned 29 and realized that…change doesn’t happen because you wish for it.  Change happens because you will it and work it into being.

Which leads us to now.

In May of 2013, after six months of “transitioning” in an in-law apartment on my parents’ property, I signed a lease and moved into a two-bedroom apartment in central Connecticut.  I have a roommate; her name is Samantha and she is almost 24.  I have two black cats, Tempest and Tabitha (Tabby), who adopted me in 2007.  I work during the day as an administrative secretary at a Catholic church, and in the evenings, I take classes for my Master’s Degree in History.  I got divorced on July 8th, 2013, and from that day forward, my life started to turn around.   I started research for my senior thesis in January of 2013, and began writing it in October.  I’m slated to graduate in May of 2014.

I love to write, read, knit, sing, and shop.  I find applying makeup very soothing, as well as randomly surfing Tumblr or the Sephora website for things I can’t afford.  I’m obsessed with football, and the New England Patriots are, now and forever, my team (I also love the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins).  I used to figure skate when I was a teenager, and somewhere in my mind I still dream of winning an Olympic gold medal.  My (feasible) dream is to teach history on the high school or collegiate level once I graduate, to own my own house somewhere in lower New England, and to have a family one day.  I am also writing a historical fiction/supernatural epic series called Fallen Beyond Salvation with my good friend Jess.

Other Random People I May Write About:

David – My ex-husband.  We married in November of 2010, separated in November of 2012, and were divorced in July of 2013.

Crazy Bruce – My therapist since 2010.  Looks a little like Freud with a ponytail, and I love him dearly.

Mom and Dad – self explanatory

Chris – my little sister, 28

Dr. LW – my thesis adviser

Dr. W – my thesis editor

Dr. P – my graduate adviser, probably the professor that knows the most about me and has helped me the most

Kim, Tim, Jess, Drea, Sam, Tina, Pat, Jim, Lyndsey, Joe, Matt, Marcy – friends I may bring up in my blog from time to time.

Anyone other questions?  Just ask.  I can be emailed at honestlymegan@gmail.com.  But drop me a comment and tell me that you did so, because otherwise I’m never going to check that account.


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