And I will rise

I know I’ve been remiss in my updates, but it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, what with filing for capstone, editing my prospectus and submitting it to the GSO, puppysitting last weekend, and running.  As well as work and still moving stuff (David’s roommates are moving in within the week and I still have a metric ton of shit in his apartment, ugh).

So this is a quick update.

– I’ve finished up to Week 5, Day 2 of C25K.  I am happy to say that I can now run for eight minutes at a stretch.  A few months ago, I couldn’t even do one.  I’m really, really happy with that.  The next step is run 20 minutes…so we’ll see how that goes.  I’m trying not to be hard on myself if I don’t succeed the first time.  I didn’t expect to be able to do eight minutes at a time on the first shot, but I did!

– Paperwork has been submitted to the GSO.  Now we play the waiting game.

– Most exciting of all…WILDFIRE IS TODAY!


….as for the fact that temperatures are predicted to reach 94 today and tomorrow (and possibly Sunday)?

That’s why there’s a lake.  And unlimited lemonade.

Half an hour left and then I’m free for a glorious three and a half days.

I.  Cannot.  Wait.
See you on the flip side!


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