When it comes to the truth

Yesterday was my “half’ birthday.  I am now twenty-nine “and a half” years old.  Six months ago, D and I made the decision to finally really and truly split, and that, I think, was when I knew it was over, even though I continued to hold out hope until Christmas that he would change his mind and try to get me back.  It’s taken some time, but I feel, six months later, that I am both comfortable in my own skin, and ready to move towards what is coming next.

Because of the paperwork mix-up, I had to re-file for divorce on Monday (probably one of the only motherfuckers in the world to file for divorce two times from the same guy — except maybe Elizabeth Taylor).  It went much better this time — instead of having a very cold, silent clerk taking down the information and sending me on my way, I had a very nice, warm young woman who sat me down and talked me through the whole process, gave me advice for filing, things like that.  A little better than the first time, when the guy shoved a packet labeled “Do-It-Yourself Guide to Divorce” and said “Good luck.”  I had the papers served by an older Italian gentleman who was very, very nice, and also walked me through the process (and only charged me $38, not the $75 that Le Douchebag from the clerk’s office told me a while ago).  So that’s done, and done right this time.  Our return date is April 2 and our court date is July 8, so only two weeks off from when they were originally.

I made a new friend the other day.  We’ll call him “K”.  Neither of us is looking for a relationship right now — we’re both working through our own personal demons and getting our lives in gear, and we agreed that getting to know each other and being friends was way more important now than just hopping into any sort of relationship that neither of us is ready for.  In any case, I like him, he likes me, we talk on the phone every night and we make each other laugh, which I think is what we both need right now.

The ongoing, interminable issue with D’s car payments coming out of my bank account was FINALLY RESOLVED yesterday, and I just want to throw a party.  I don’t have to check my bank account weekly in trepidation that another $300 has come out of my bank account again.  Praise Jesus.

Also, a week from Friday I am OFF to DC for the weekend with the lovely Miss Nicki to meet up with a whole slew of internet friends!  This trip has been in the works since December and it is SO EXCITING that it’s finally getting off the ground!  Can I even tell you how psyched I am?  Because I am.

Life is looking up.  Slowly, but surely, I am getting there.


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