What do you, the viewers at home, think?

I’ve been mulling this around in my head for like two weeks, and I’d like some input.  It’s about the Kindle Fire.

I received a 3rd generation keyboard Kindle for Christmas 2010 from David and my parents.  I was in love with it, it was the most state-of-the-art Kindle released to date, and I’d used it like mad when I was in the car, for school, etc.  It’s a great little device, though it hasn’t replaced paper books in my eyes, but I still love having it.

I bought a Kindle Fire for my dad for his birthday back in August, and I never really got a good chance to check it out because he was always, always using it.  No matter where he is in the house, his Kindle Fire, in its black nubuck case, is never more than a foot away from his hand.  He then went on to buy my mother a Kindle Fire for Christmas, and I haven’t seen her without in since Christmas Day.  She loves the hell out of that thing.

Because my mother is technologically impaired, I did get to check hers out when I was helping her register it, and damn, it’s nice.  And I started thinking, maybe I want one too.

Getting a $50 Amazon gift card didn’t help either.  But I keep hesitating over the “check out” button on Amazon, wondering, do I really need this?

Pros to getting the Kindle:

It would be more than just an e-reader.  I could use it for school, work, etc.  It would also be better than lugging my laptop from pillar to post, or when I’m on vacation.  I very rarely use my computer for uploading/downloading/school/writing, etc. when I’m away from home, so I frankly don’t see the point of dragging it with me everywhere I go, when I could bring something smaller and lighter that does the same thing.

Better/higher quality.  ‘Nuff said.

– I would upgrade sooner or later, why not now?  Sooner or later, all technology becomes outdated.  The Fire right now is brand-new, recently-upgraded, with most of the features of the iPad mini, only at $150 cheaper.

Cons to getting the Kindle:

– Cost.  The Kindle Fire HD is $214 (no, I don’t want the ads, and you can “get rid of them” for $15 if you buy the $199 Kindle, which means…you pay $214 either way), and the case I like would be another $30.  I have the GC, but I’ll still be paying over $200.  I can afford it (I got $300 in Christmas money), but still, I hate making expensive purchases.

– I still have a perfectly good working Kindle.  I would still keep it, for beach or outdoor reading where sun glare would be a problem.  But otherwise I’d probably exclusively use the Fire.

What do you think?  Splurge or save?


One thought on “What do you, the viewers at home, think?

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