Fresh Starts

It really blows my mind that I am a week away from starting school again.  When did that happen?

This was a weekend of ups and downs.  I made my 2013 jar and already put my first slip of paper into it:

The good news is I had “second Christmas” this weekend, and got a lot of stuff that I wanted.  Including gift cards to Amazon, Sephora, and WEBS (yarn store in Northampton, MA).  I have no idea what I’m going to get.  What would you buywith $75 worth of Sephora gift cards?

The bad news is that there was some major family drama involving D and me that really got bad last night, and incredibly awkward, and I don’t think either of us is really over it (though we have counseling today with DS, which is good).  And the other bad news is that my Great-Aunt Jean died, suddenly, on Saturday.  I found out from reading the paper this morning.  Nobody in my family has told me yet, and it’s been forty-eight hours.  I wouldn’t be as upset if this wasn’t like the third time that this has happened.  Back in July, my great-great uncle died and I didn’t find out the date of the funeral until about two hours before it started.

I’m excited about the football playoffs, though this weekend was the only time I wasn’t going to have my heart in my throat.  I hate that the Texans won, but it was unlikely that the Bengals would win (I would have preferred to see the Bengals play the Patriots next weekend).  And I was thrilled to see Green Bay make it past the Vikings.  Green Bay is my NFC team.  I’m going to be sick all next weekend when the Patriots play the Texans.  I don’t care what anyone says, I know we trounced ’em a few weeks ago, but this is an entirely different game, this is they playoffs and I take nothing for granted.

I am hoping this is going to be a good week.  Last one before Spring Semester starts.  Hard to believe that it’s already been a year since I went back to graduate school.  Making it count 🙂


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