Little Victories, Week 1

For 2013, I’m going to have a Friday post every single week, for positive victories in my life.  They may not be big things, but they will be things that I am proud of, things I did in the past seven days.  I’m hoping this will keep me focused on the positive, all the good things that are going on in my life.  So this is Week 1 of “Little Victories” (which may or may not always be little).

– My friend Drea saw this beautiful idea for a 2013 memory jar somewhere on line and suggested we all do it.  She probably got it from someone who linked to a Pinterest board.  I don’t do Pinterest, though I do have an account (that is a rant for another day), but I fell in love with this idea, and we’re going to AC Moore after work today to get the supplies to make our own Memory Jars.  And to knit.  Because we do that.

– I made peace with D on New Year’s Eve, which is something I didn’t expect to do.  I stopped by his apartment to pick up my key, because we both feel it’s only right that I retain a house key so long as I still have property and furniture in there.  While I was there, we had a long talk, accompanied by tea and petting Ollie, and both of us seemed to get on the same page and really make peace with each other.  I’m happy to say that in the last seventy-two hours, we have not fought or hurt each other, and that is a major victory in my book.

– I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom on New Year’s Day, allowing me to feel like I’m getting a fresh, clean start.  Of course, there’s already a laundry basket full of clean laundry that needs folding and putting away, but at least it was a start!

– With the exception of Monday (NYE, so it doesn’t really count), I have had homecooked meals every single night this week (and cooked all but one of them, on NYD, which David made).  Dinner this week included: chicken parmesan (Tuesday), grilled chicken and baked potatoes (Wednesday), and chicken cutlets with rice (Wednesday).  I eat a lot of chicken.  That’s okay, chicken is good for you.

– I finished (almost!) all of my Christmas shopping.  I know it’s weird to still be Christmas shopping in January, but my final Christmas party is this weekend, so I had a little extra time.  Plus being sick really knocked me for a loop last week, so I really did need the extra time.

First picture of me in 2013.  I look tired, which I guess is normal for getting over a terrible illness.  But I feel happy, and I think I look pretty happy.

I still feel pretty confident that 2013 is going to be great.

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