There you go again

My moods are like a pendulum lately, or a metronome.  Back and forth, back and forth, ever-changing.  Today (thus far) is a good day.  I am done with classes for the week, I have nothing on tap for this afternoon except for cleaning house a bit (including changing the litterbox, blech) and having girlfriends over for knitting.  And pizza.

Some pictures my BFF Kim and I took of us at the park with her husband and three little munchkins (Mary 5, Anna 3, and Lily 1) last Friday after Thanksgiving:

I don’t want to put up the pictures of Kim’s kids because, well, they are her kids and she should have the right to decide who sees their pictures.  But I have to share this one.  Her husband Tim was hiding in a tire (there was a hole in the bottom that dropped him to the lower half of the playscape), and he kept popping up to smile at Baby Lily, who is really already over a year old (!) and couldn’t get enough of Daddy being silly.

It was a good day.

Had a really good session with my therapist, Crazy Bruce, yesterday, that really helped me hammer out how I’m feeling.  One of the things that Bruce does (metaphorically of course) is take the scrambled, convoluted jumble of thoughts and emotions in my head, and sets them out, nice and orderly, like cards so I can read them.  I definitely didn’t feel 100% happy when I left, but I felt…calmer, more ready to handle what’s being thrown at me.  Thanksgiving was difficult, I’m worried about Christmas being worse…but I think I’m going to be all right.


One thought on “There you go again

  1. It sounds like you guys had a fun afternoon! I love pics of parents being silly with their kids!
    I’m glad you had a good session with (Crazy) Bruce too. I hope that things continue to be calm in your world through the holidays. 🙂

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