My New (Little) Digs

So!  Who wants to see pictures of my new place?  You know you do.

Little bitta backstory — my parents lived in this apartment when my sister Christina and I were born in the 80’s.  The apartment is in the backyard of my parents’ house, and at the time the house was owned by an old lady in her 90’s named Mrs. Craig, who let my parents live for a greatly reduced rent (might have even been no rent) if they would agree to check in on her and be her emergency contacts.  My dad lived here from 1978 or 9 until 1986 when he bought his first house — my mom lived with him from 1980 on.  I can’t believe that they fit themselves, two kids, and two cats in here.  It’s perfect for one person, though.  And it’s a little comforting to know that this was my first home.

This is the main room, facing in from the door.  The big armchair is from my parents — they had no more use for it.  The little table and chairs to the right was my Aunt Nancy’s that she left behind, they are perfectly sized for this room.  Unfortunately the big woodstove on the left is just for show, it’s nonfunctional, so I figure I’ll put my little nativity on there for Christmas.  The couch is UGLY AS SIN but it’s covered in the quilt my mom made me as a gift when I graduated from college.

Facing the door from the couch.  My (thus far) useless TV, empty bins and a cat carrier that I have to return to Jess.  My dad’s antique desk (which is going to be my craft corner as soon as I get my sewing machine and my yarn stash from David’s apartment).  The built-in bookshelf holds my DVDs and videos on the top two shelves, and that pile on the third shelf is my research notes — ALL OF THEM.  The bottom shelf is going to be my collection of Alison Weir histories — a point of pride (I own most of them).  I need to get curtains for those two windows.

This one came out a little dark, but this is the big window.  Not-so-fun-fact: my dad got hit by lightning standing in front of this window during a storm when my parents were first married.  The basket on the little bookshelf there is Tempest’s favorite spot.  I’m so glad I remembered that basket, she’s found it very comforting during the move.

I wasn’t kidding when I said that the kitchen is TINY!  It’s okay for one though.  I haven’t tried cooking a really intense meal here yet but I will.  There’s a deceptively large amount of storage, I haven’t nearly filled up all of those cabinets.  The only unfortunate thing is that there’s no silverware drawer — I keep my silverware in a tray on top of the fridge.

Looking in to the bedroom.  That huge and rather ugly wardrobe is actually a godsend, since the bathroom is tiny and has no storage or electrical outlet, so I can’t do my hair or makeup in there.  The closet is to the left (obstructed by the door).

Tiny bathroom!  Behind the corner there is a tiny little cabinet that holds all of my medications, aspirin, body lotion, etc.  It’s a full tub, but the water heater isn’t large enough to have a full bath, so I just take showers.  It’s very light and airy.  You should have seen it before my grandparents renovated it about 10 years ago.  All wood like the rest of the place, and ugly as sin to boot!

The one thing I forgot to put in was a picture of the outside of the house.  But I can take that easily another time.  It looks so cute from the outside 🙂

So that’s it!  My teeny little house on the edge of the woods, just small enough for me and my kitties.  It’s small, but cozy, and it’s keeping me content and happy and feeling snuggly and loved.  It’s a good little place.


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