Makeup: Why I wear it and some pros and cons

I started this blog right around the time that two changes happened in my life: my husband and I decided to separate and I started really wearing makeup.  The two things are related, though probably not as one would think.

When I was 19 years old, my boyfriend cheated on me and dumped me.  I don’t know why I did this, but I sort of…punked myself out.  Yes.  It’s embarrassing, and no, there aren’t any surviving pictures.  I wore a lot of studded jewelry, lots of black, pierced my navel and my upper ear, etc.  For some reason, I though that if I looked tough outside, that would translate to how I felt inside.

And I think the sudden foray into wearing makeup is the same way.  Do I think I look okay without makeup?  Sure.  But I feel pretty when I wear it, and I don’t wear it for my husband (who hasn’t noticed) or for other people.  I wear it for me.  I wear it so that Ifeel pretty.  I look good, and I feel good.  And that’s worth quite a lot.


So I’ve been wearing makeup for a little over six weeks now, and I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve found some things I LOVE and don’t know how I ever used any other products — and some things that are just ‘meh’.  So that’s what I’m going to put on the docket today.

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder

I bought this as my first set of loose powder (I will admit that my major incentive came from not having to buy a separate brush).  I love the way that the powder makes my cheeks feel like velvet and clears up any shininess.  I don’t like the way that the powder flies every freakin’ wear in the box.  The rounded lid doesn’t help much, it just makes even more of a mess.  I think I will probably go for a flatter box with a flatter top next time.  Other than the packaging, I like the product.  Rating: 7/10

Maybelline Express One-By-One Waterproof Mascara

I wanted to love this product.  But it doesn’t separate the lashes like it advertises (also, that model?  Definitely has faux eyelashes on).  I didn’t see a marked difference from any other Maybelline mascara.  There’s also a very good chance that I’m bitter because I have terrible lashes (they’re very short and sparse).  I will use it until it’s gone, but I probably won’t be buying this product again.  The hunt for the perfect mascara continues.  I hear a lot of good things about Buxom, so that might be my next stop.  Rating: 4/10

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick

I am usually really wary of any really cheap products (buying into my dad’s old saying that cheap is usually not worth it.  This lipstick was about $5 at CVS, but I thought, why not.  I bought it in 08 (fetching name), and it’s more of a pinkish-mauve color.  I LOVE THIS.  It goes on smoothly, and gives my lips a nice matte finish.  It also tastes a tiny bit like cocoa (maybe that’s just me though).  My only complaint is that it does rub off very easily — which may only be a caveat for me, because I have insanely chapped lips, rub them together a lot, and also apply lip balm like it’s going out of style.  But I will definitely be picking up more shades of Kate’s lipstick.  Rating: 8/10

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers

After a bad experience with E.L.F. tinted moisturizer, I decided to give Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers a shot.  The color of the foundation was very close to my own skin (I am paler than I think I am), so I picked “Ivory to Fair”, the palest color, and it looks about right.  I use an E.L.F. foundation brush to apply it, and that gives it a nice even tone (I can’t believe I ever used my fingers to apply foundation, never again).  It doesn’t make me break out, it doesn’t feel heavy, oily, or itchy, and it wears very well (doesn’t come off until I remove it at night).  It goes on slightly shiny, but a layer of pressed powder brings my skin down to a more matte tone.  Love it, and I have no plans to change to another foundation.  It’s cheaper online that it is at CVS, unfortunately, but I’m going to shop around and see if I can’t find any place cheaper.  Maybe Target.  Rating: 9/10

bareMinerals Eyecolor

WOW, WOW, WOW.  This is my favorite.  I was terrible with eyeshadow until I discovered a) brushes and b) loose eyeshadow powder.  I love this.  Love it.  And I’m pretty sure it’s idiot-proof.   No plans to ever change back to pressed powder eyeshadow again any time soon.  Seriously, biggest crush ever on this product.  My only sadness is that I can’t afford to get it in any other shades right now.  I currently own Waterlily (a pale violet shade, see left) and Queen Tiffany (“tawny platinum” according to the website, but I think it’s more like a copper).  I plan to get as many colors as possible, but at $14 a pop, they’re not cheap.  My plan of action right now is to buy up the last chance selection on their own website.  Rating: 10/10

Korres Lip Butter

Other product that I have a serious crush on?  This one.  Holy crap.  I considered paying $25 to get the collection of three, but wasn’t sure if my super-sensitive lips would like them, and $25 seemed like an awful lot to spend on three products I wasn’t sure of.  So I bought one pot, in Quince (a pinkish rose, see right), and holy crap.  It’s like a lip balm and lipstick all in one.  Just a tiny bit gives my lips excellent color.  I also don’t need to use lip balm when I wear it, it’s incredibly moisturizing.  Going to get more shades of this as well.  I will be springing for the collection, which I planned in advance for (Quince isn’t a shade that’s part of the collection).  Rating: 10/10

Well, that’s pretty much a wrap.  Hope this was fun and in some way informative.  Weekend agenda includes papers, papers, and more papers, and the return of Patriots football!  Very excited about that.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner?  I feel like the holidays snuck up on us too damn fast this year…


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