Bringing my “A” game (Snap, snap)

Cleaning house with a little update on my graduate school doings.

I submitted my pre-thesis propospectus two weeks ago.  NOTE: this isn’t my thesis.  I’m enrolled in a “pre-thesis” class called The Professional Historian, which is like a mock-thesis or -capstone class, where we pick a topic, write a proposal (called a prospectus), get it approved, and then write a paper.  The paper is supposed to be about 25 pages in length.  The real thesis that I write next year needs to have an average of about 80 pages.

Anyway.  I wrote about this a little bit a few weeks ago.  When all was said and done the prospectus was 20 pages long (the teacher had estimated it at 10 pages, eek).  I was worried that it would be too wordy, but I had followed all of her directions to a “T”.  So I put a paper clip on it (because yeah, it was too thick for a staple), submitted it, and prayed for the best.

Got it back Tuesday with an “A” and no major corrections.  SWEET.

Then we had a conference afterwards about my independent project (my teacher is going to be my thesis adviser, which is amazing), and we threw some ideas around, and she asked why I was in the program still after so many years (I started in 2007).  I explained about my car accident and my two-year hiatus, and my concern about bringing my GPA up to snuff.  She said “You’re doing very well in my class, you don’t seem to be having any troubles.  I wouldn’t worry about it.”  Gave me the warm fuzzies, it did.

Every so often people tell me that they’re impressed that I’m still doing so well in light of everything that has happened in the last year with my marriage imploding and things not going well with David.  And I think about how messed up I was after the car accident and how the slightest thing would send me up in the air, coming down shooting.  How I was thrilled to get a report card with C’s on it.

If I ever need any evidence that I’m so much healthier now…that’s it.


This weekend: paper writing.  SO MUCH PAPER WRITING.  Draft 1 of my pre-thesis is due Tuesday.  25 pages, 35 sources, five days.

Let’s do this.


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