There comes a point

There comes a point in every semester.

I am hoping that this is that time, because it means that I’m getting it out of the way with six weeks left in the semester.

There comes a point, when I have spent three hours searching for a record online that I just can’t find from a credible source (but that about 20 dumbass blogs with Edward Cullen as the wallpaper feature, quoted perfectly)…and I just say, fuck it.

There comes a point when I wonder why the everloving fuck I do this to myself.

When I think, you are 29 and you were supposed to be having kids at this point, not thinking about writing a master’s thesis.

When every dream I had seems so far away.  The thesis.  A happy marriage.  A family.  A house of my own.

There comes a point when I just hit the wall and slide down.


And then that point passes, and I pick myself up, dust myself off…and do what needs to be done.

Let’s hope that time is now.


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