In which I am 100% an idiot

I don’t know why I do these things to myself.

I volunteered in class last night to be one of two people to submit a rough draft of my final 20-25 page paper next week for perusal by the teacher and my classmates.  As in, submitted on November 6th.  Which means I have five days to do it.  I haven’t finished my research yet.  Let alone begun writing.

Shoot me in the head.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, truly.  For two reasons.

1) My rough draft of my pre-thesis paper is due on November 13th.  The second option for producing paper drafts was November 14th.  Idiotic as I am, I am not suicidal.  I know there is no conceivable way that I would complete two 20-25 page drafts in that same period of time.

2) Brownie points.  Look, if I’m going to get out of this M.A. program with a degree in hand, I need all the professors I can in my corner.  In a classroom of 12 people, only me and one other guy volunteered to go first.  I figure this scores me some brownie points with the professor.  A professor who I intend on having for an elective next semester, no less.

So maybe I’m not 100% idiotic.  Maybe it’s more like…89% idiotic.

I’m consigning myself to a weekend of research and writing.  And it’s going to drive me insane.  Cue another “history major breakdown” probably coming Saturday night.  Argh.

At least the Patriots have a bye this weekend so I won’t feel terrible if I’m skipping homework to watch the game.


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