My massive crush on Sephora and what I bought there

Confession: Although I’m just starting out on my odyssey of learning how to use makeup, I am completely head-over-heels obsessed with Sephora.  Having a little extra money this past week (and the desire to purchase some better products that I actually enjoy using, I headed over there.

This is what I walked out with:

(Clockwise from top left: Bare Minerals Eyecolor in Waterlily and Queen Tiffany, Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner in Classic Black, Sephora Classic All Over Shadow Brush Small, and Clinique Almost Lipstick/Long Last Glosswear in Black Honey.)

Bare Minerals Eyecolor — These tiny pots of loose powder eyeshadow are deceptively tiny, but seriously effective!  I tried Waterlily (a pale dusky violet shade) first, and then picked up Queen Tiffany (a tawny copper color).  These brush on very easily over primer, and stay on all day (until I take them off with eye makeup removal).  Each is $14.

Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner — I bought this on the suggestion of a friend.  The eyeliner is like an eye pencil, but goes on smoothly without running into the corners of my eyes.  It has a tiny smudge sponge on the end, which I haven’t used yet.  It’s $12, and comes in a variety of colors.  I already would like to purchase it in peacock and maybe violet!

Sephora Classic All Over Shadow Brush (Small) — The bristles on this brush are intensely soft!  I picked it up and I just couldn’t put it down again.  Seriously, I will never use one of those spongy little applicators that come free with eyeshadow ever again.  Each is $13.

Clinique Lip Duo — Half of the applicator is Clinique’s Almost Lipstick — which is a sheer lipstick designed to work with your natural lip color and enhance it.  Black Honey appears very dark black-red, but it goes on almost completely sheer.  The other side is Long Last Glosswear, an intensely thick, shiny lip gloss in the same shade.  Both give my lips a reddish tint.  The stick was $21, but I had a 20% off coupon.

No pictures of me wearing any of the above, I spent most of the last two days getting ready for the hurricane that’s planning on slamming New England this week.  Maybe in the future!


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