My preliminary topic for my independent study/master’s thesis was pre-approved last night!

(Holy crap, I put a gif in something and it worked.)

I’m not ready to start dancing in the streets just yet, because my adviser (omg she agreed to be my adviser, that is something awesome right there) is hesitant that we will be able to get the primary source that I need to write the paper (an unpublished journal from a British guy in 1863).  But the topic can be tweaked as needed.

So the definites that I have going on here:

1) My thesis adviser (check, and she is AWESOME).
2) Some vague idea of my thesis topic in my field of history (the Civil War, American History – check).
3) A projected graduation date of December ’13 – May ’14 (CHECK CHECK OMG CHECK).

Again, I’m not ready to start celebrating quite yet, because we haven’t hammered out all the deets.  But even having an idea, and knowing that I can start my independent project in January…is amazing.

And yeah, there’s that stupid little voice in my head that goes well it’s about fucking time, you started graduate school in 2006, it’s going to take you almost NINE YEARS to get your M.A.

To which I reply, a M.A. that takes nine years to obtain is better than no M.A. at all.

So there.


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