Higher education frustration


It’s done.

My prospectus is 20 pages long.  It was supposed to be 10.  I am hoping this doesn’t mean that I’m going to get docked points.  I went through it about 10 times and really, there isn’t any place I can cut.  Also, I’d rather be over my page allotment than under it.

Argh.  I’m trying not to worry about it.


As for my personal appearance:

Not 100% loving my makeup today.  My face feels really dry and itchy, which is mainly the result of not enough moisturizer.  I was trying to stretch my bottle out a few more days but I’m going to just bite the bullet this afternoon at Target.  Also, need to get some eye makeup remover.  The makeup remover pads that I have are making my eyes burn (in other news, I am a cheapskate.  And an idiot).

Mentally?  Eh.  I’m feeling okay.  A little down today, but I think that’s mainly because I have a three-hour class ahead of me that I really don’t feel like going to.  I hate Tuesday nights — between the rush between work and class, and then knowing I have to get up and do the whole thing again tomorrow, my energy is sapped.

Enough about negativity though.  Hopefully tonight will go well.  And it’s really great to have that paper off my shoulders.


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